Sophia Hawes-Tingey is a software engineer and US Navy Veteran who moved to Utah in 2010, hoping to work in a discrimination-free zone for a company that valued diversity in order to send money back to her daughters living in Texas, during a time when the economy went flat in the Lone Star State. She has been an LGBT advocate since then, as well as having worked in charge of welcoming for two Unitarian Universalist churches. Her objective is to make Utah a welcoming place, with fairness and opportunity for all, celebration of diversity, access to clean air and water, and excellent education.

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    Become Individual Member

    With 5 or less employees, Individual Members enjoy the following benefits:

    • Listing on web site inclusive of name, address, phone, website, with 25 word description
    • Attending socials
    • Member business referrals
    • Pride booth visibility/promotion

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    Become Non-Profit Member

    Non-Profit Members enjoy the following benefits:

    • Listing on the web with name, address, phone, website, and tagline or slogan
    • Attending socials
    • Member business referrals
    • Pride booth visibility or promotions

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    I just gave the Membership pages a face lift. Where there was one donation page, there is one for each level, so we can automatically track sponsors and members to the right level, and automatically send out the appropriate renewal emails.

    You’ll see the membership donation listings in order from highest level to lowest level:

    - Sponsor

    - Business Member

    - Individual Member

    - Non-profit Member

    On each member page, the user will see the benefits of membership at that level, and the Sponsor membership page provides for donations in the descending amounts $2500, $1000, $500, and other. If the user selects other, they must enter a donation between $500 and $10,000.

    Finally, sponsors and members are tagged appropriately so that they shown in the correct directory listing, the members are assigned to the Membership Coordinator and marked for immediate follow up.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

A leader who listens, a leader who cares. For a more welcome and compassionate Utah.